Laikipia County Woman Rep Catherine Waruguru Fights Governor's Wife

  • Laikipia County Woman Representative Catherine Waruguru had some unkind words for the County Governor’s wife Maria Mbeneka.

    Waruguru took a swipe at Mbeneka for allegedly interfering with her work when distributing free sanitary towels to public schools in Nyahururu town.

    “We elected the governor and not the first lady. She should concentrate on her kitchen and other domestic chores,” Laikipia County Woman Rep stated.

    The Woman Rep was angered by the first lady’s bid to have the event postponed until when she will be available to grace the occasion.

    “Laikipia people elected Ndiritu Muriithi as governor and I will not take instructions from the governor’s wife,” Waruguru remarked.

    “My office must be respected and I must be given an opportunity to serve the people of Laikipia without interference,” she added.

    Waruguru also told the county's first lady to allow county executives to work without interference but she did not elaborate further.

    The MP asked the County Assembly to audit the operations of the office of the first lady to see if public money was being illegally allocated to her office.

    “The County Assembly must scrutinise the office of the first lady to see if the money she is spending has been allocated through the budgetary allocation because that is public money and we must know where it is coming from,” Waruguru stated.

    Through the Director of Communication Muchiri Gitonga, the governor's wife maintained that she was busy with the activities of the East African Law Society and the Law Society of Kenya as well as her private law firm to have time for altercations with the MP.

    “The governor’s wife is a busy person you would like to bring into a fight with a Woman Rep who has a penchant for picking fights with anybody, anywhere any time,” Gitonga stated.

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