DPP Noordin Haji Takes Fight Against Corruption to Private Sector

  • Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Noordin Haji exposed private sector CEOs over what he termed as unchecked corruption.

    Speaking during the second edition of the Corporate Governance Alumni Summit, the DPP outlined that the private sector players had coined a new disguise for the bribes they offer especially when gunning for government tenders.

    "The private sector has been burying its head in the sand even when it knows that it is the biggest problem in this. We must be frank with each other about these things.

    "The private sector has continued to perpetuate corruption in government offices by including the 10 per cent ‘tip’ in tenders, kickbacks and proceeds to supply ‘air' to state agencies," DPP Haji exposed.

    The DPP conveyed plans to begin a crackdown on those in the private sector who are involved in corruption.

    Without offering up specific names of those who may be targetted by the new approach, DPP Haji attributed the rampant corruption to lack of ethical standards.

    "I have not prosecuted any corruption case within the public sector that does not have the hand of the private sector. Yet the private sector is pointing fingers at the government officials as though they are the ones who are solely corrupt.

    "If you look at the cases that I have brought before the courts, for instance, the Kenya Power case we have before court, you’ll see that the private sector itself was involved in unethical behaviour, supplying transformers that are defective and don’t function, and thereby bringing down their own customers that they should be building.

    "It is not only about profit and if we were to make a profit at the expense of sustainable ethical environments then we are all going to lose," he urged.

    Haji has won the trust of members of the public through his speedy intervention when it comes to corruption cases as well as criminal cases.

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