KTN News Twitter Account Suspended

  • Twitter suspended the KTN News account on Sunday Facebook
  • The Standard Media's digital space has been dealt a blow after losing one of its most populous accounts over infringement on copyright for the Premier League.

    Twitter on Sunday suspended the @KTNNews handle sending shockwaves to the media house's online department that largely relies on the platform to initiate online conversations for the 24-hour news channel.

    Kenyans.co.ke has reliably established that the KTN News handle was pulled down by Twitter after the media house' online team used content owned by the Football Association Premier League Limited without proper consent.

    The twitter suspends accounts that are reported to violate rules

    The content in contention is partly videos of a Premier League match that were sent out during the KTN News sports program that is always accompanied by a live-tweets team.

    "The account is suspended at the moment. The Social Media lead is already reaching out to Twitter to see whether the account can be restored soon once the matter is settled with the complainants," a source at KTN News disclosed to Kenyans.co.ke.

    According to Twitter, when an account is found to be engaging in abusive behavior as being in violation of rules on its space, it may be suspended temporarily or, in some cases, permanently.

    The measures are part of the enforcement mechanism by Twitter to ensure and maintain a safe environment for its users globally.

    With the Standard Group often having interns behind their social media platforms, it has emerged a trainee might have uploaded videos of the Premier League Match between Manchester United and Chelsea while live tweeting for the show.

    The Premier League Ltd is believed to have flagged the content as infringing on their copyright, prompting the suspension of the account.

    At the moment, the station is solely relying on the KTN Home and Standard Digital twitter accounts to push content to the platform.

    The KTN News handle was suspended on Sunday