BBC Business Editor Larry Madowo Makes Comeback on The Trend

  • BBC Business Editor Larry Madowo made a comeback on his former TV show the Trend on Friday.

    Madowo was hosted by Amina Abdi where they discussed the new show on BBC dubbed Smart Money in which Madowo is the editor.

    Madowo stated that the new show will focus on young people in Africa and their different business ventures in an effort to inspire others around the continent to take a leap of faith and venture into side hustles.

    "My role at the BBC is that I'm the African business editor and we basically tell stories about the continent. With ideas that change lives every day," the journalist stated.

    "We are trying to approach business from the average viewers perspective, often a young viewer... we want to be able to make sure we give them tips, advice and tips on how to make more money, think of a side hustle...," he added.

    Madowo left the weekly show at the end of June 2017 claiming that everyone had come up with a similar show it was time for him to leave.

    “I’m leaving the show, I’ve decided to leave The Trend and next week Friday will be my final show,” Larry announced on Friday night during the show.

    “You know what, I thought about it and said if you look at Friday night television in Kenya now, everybody is trying to do what I’ve done. Yes, I said it. Everybody is trying to do what Larry Madowo has done. They are copying The Trend, everybody in every channel. I think I can’t compete with my students anymore. People are trying to be me, so it’s time to move on. That’s the simple reason,” he explained.

    Larry, who started the show way back in December 2012, also thanked his viewers for their support over that period.

    “I wanna say thank you to all who watched the show and made it worthwhile. This has been, like I always, say the best gig on television,” the journalist stated.