Meru MCAs Arrested for Flouting Michuki Rules

  • Two Members of the Meru County Assembly were on Monday arrested after they were caught flouting Michuki rules.

    The two, Antubetwe Kiongo MCA George Kaliunga and his Kianjai counterpart John Bundi, were found driving vehicles considered unroadworthy.

    Bundi’s car was lacking rear brake lights whereas Kaliunga drove with a broken windscreen.

    Appearing before Meru Chief Magistrate Hannah Ndung’u, the two were charged with failing to maintain their own vehicles.

    Kaliunga told the court that the cracked windscreen came about while he was driving on a road that was still under construction at the time.

    He further elaborated that a stone hit his windscreen while a lorry drove ahead of him. He was pleading to be released.

    Kaliunga was charged Kshs 3,000 fine with an alternative of spending three months in prison whereas Bundi was fined Kshs 2,000.

    As of November 20, more than 22,000 road users had been netted since the crackdown on public service vehicles commenced.

    Most of the suspects were found not to have fastened their seat belts and pedestrians crossing the road at the wrong spots.

    According to police data, Central was the most affected region with 6,000 cases, followed by Nyanza 3,769 with Eastern being the lowest at 2,320.

    The lowest fine imposed according to the rules was Kshs 500 for failure to fasten seat belts whereas that of driving a defective vehicle would amount to Kshs100,000 depending on defects.