KICD Warns Parents on Unscrupulous New Curriculum Publishers

  • KICD has warned parents and school heads against falling for scammers posing as publishers of the new curriculum textbooks.

    In a statement to newsrooms, the institute urged them to ensure that they verify that the new curriculum textbooks meet approved threshold before making purchases.

    According to them, unscrupulous dealers have taken advantage of the introduction of the Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC) to introduce substandard textbooks to the market.

    “Textbooks are important in curriculum delivery. They must be the right ones to ensure learners are not treated to misleading content,” KICD director Julius Jwan told journalists.

    KICD also raised concern over the influx of unscrupulous publishers who were publishing unapproved content from as far as Egypt, Ghana and USA.

    “We are monitoring the situation, especially those inserting fake imprints on such books, but all of us must remain vigilant to protect our kids,” The institute boss continued.

    He asked book suppliers to ensure that the books were approved locally before stocking them for sale.

    To avoid the confusion, KICD urged teachers and parents to ensure that the books they purchased were listed in the Appendix for Orange books approved for the CBC curriculum in their website.

    “The addendum contains approved books for pre-primary one and two and grade one, two and three,” Jwan continued in his statement.

    Parents and teachers were also asked to ensure that the books they purchases were age-appropriate.