Treasury Unveils New Unit to Eliminate Cartels in Govt Procuring

  • Treasury has unveiled a new unit in a bid to eliminate cartels in government procurement

    The move was announced during the release of the Budget Policy Statement for the year 2019 to 2020.

    The Public Investment Management unit, set to be rolled out in July, will oversee the selection, budgeting and management of development projects and public-private partnerships.

    The PIM unit shall independently review large projects before they are included in the budget.

    This will ensure that priority projects are selected and implemented on time and within budget,” read part of the budget statement.

    To do this, the unit will be required to subject all projects to the Quality Assurance Process stipulated in their guidelines.

    Projects approved for funding will then be required to stick to the approved budget and funding.

    Treasury believes that the unit will ensure the elimination of the awarding of multi-billion state tenders to single source bidders.

    The Public Investment Management unit will also ensure that all public procurement processes undergo public scrutiny.

    Previously, Parliament has accused Rotich of locking them out of the procurement process projects thus seeking to review the Public Finance Management Act, 2012.