EACC CEO Twalib Mbarak's Warning After Taking Oath of Office

  • Newly appointed EACC CEO Twalib Abdallah Mbarak on Monday took his Oath of Office in an event held at the Supreme Court premises.

    Addressing the media shortly after swearing in, the new EACC boss outlined a three-point strategy which he hopes to bank on.

    Mbarak indicated that his first strategy will involve banking on his background as a former military intelligence officer.

    "The blueprint of my administration will bank on building intelligence and undercover capabilities and use information to deal with emerging threats and have active investigations," he stated.

    The EACC CEO further noted that uprooting graft would require him to go after the motive of the vice - the proceeds of corruption.

    "Financial gain is the motive of corruption and culprits will fight more to keep the money than they will fight going to prison. I will be working to increase the asset recovery capacity at the commission," he added.

    Finally, Mbarak indicated that he would endeavour in raising the public awareness levels about the commission's activities.

    "There has been public apathy towards anti-corruption initiatives. I want to assure Kenyans that our dream is still alive and we must not relent," he vowed.

    Acknowledging that corruption is becoming increasingly complex, Mbarak indicated that his strategy will be proactive.

    He equally promised the expeditious completion of investigations and prosecution of culprits.

    The former military intelligence officer rallied support from all stakeholders including the DCI, ODPP, media and the general public.

    "Corruption thrives on volatility and I am committed to making graft a high-risk venture and Kenya will be a very inhospitable place for the corrupt," the EACC CEO concluded.