Sister Narrates How Recce Squad Brother Saved Her During Dusit D2 Attack

A Recce Squad officer who had a sister trapped in the terror attack at Dusit D2 Hotel in Riverside, Nairobi was not taking chances for her safety.

Ms Grace Kamau, who worked on the second floor of the building, narrated that she first heard a loud bang behind her and immediately saw rubble fly towards her desk.

She decided to make a run for the door together with other people but when they heard gunshots, they ran back upstairs and hid in a store.

"As we were going down the stairs, they started shooting so we came back up and entered a store. When we were hiding we knew they were near because they even shot at the door,” she recalled.

That was when she decided to contact her father, Charles Kamau, and brother, Leonard, to let them know what was happening.

They both acted fast but her father was stopped from making accessing the area at the Chiromo-Waiyaki junction.

Luckily, her brother is a Recce Squad officer who made his way into the building and alerted colleagues where his sister was hiding with other survivors.

“My brother came there and entered the building. He is the one who told the cops where we were. They came and we got out. There were no injuries, but there was one guy who left us and went to the sixth-floor balcony so we don’t know where he is,” continued Ms Kamau.

Several other survivors have since narrated their ordeals revealing that most of them had no choice but to hide in bathrooms, toilets and under tables.

“We heard explosions and everyone was running, running; some were jumping over fences. The gunmen even shot some people at the entrance of the hotel," posted Daniel Kiragu.

“I am hiding in a bathroom room ......... terrorist are going from room to room HELP," wrote Ron Ng'eno, an NTV journalist.

In 2013, DPP Noordin Haji was also rescued during the horrendous Westgate attack by his brother Abdul Haji.

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