CCTV Footage of Love Triangle Victim Mary Wambui's Last Moments

  • CCTV footage of slain businesswoman Mary Wambui's last moments has emerged. 

    The footage, that has been acquired from different locations that Wambui and suspect Judy Wangui visited on the fateful day, is expected to shed more light on the case. 

    Detectives are also in possession of photos from Judy's phone that were taken on January 26.

    On that day, Judy had driven to the home of Joseph Kori (Garden City), the man whom the two women were fighting over in a white Toyota Allion she had hired.  

    As soon as Kori left, the two women who had enjoyed a cordial relationship with each other visited TRM and the Homeland Restaurant for lunch as the establishment's cameras reveal. 

    When leaving, they opted to use Wambui's Mercedes Benz as the Toyota Allion had developed mechanical problems and Wangui even called a mechanic to fix it.  

    Footage from Homeland shows that the two arrived at 1:16pm. Photos from Judy's phone show both enjoying each others company and sharing meat in childhood bliss. 

    While they were still there, the mechanic brought the Toyota Allion he had been directed to fix and handed over the keys to Wangui but forgot to give her the car's gate pass.

    The two women then left the hotel in the Mercedes at 6:13pm as the footage shows and went to Judy's home in Fourways, Kiambu.

    They spent three hours at the residence and police believe an argument ensued after Wambui saw photos of Judy and her husband in the house. 

    The argument degenerated into a fight and Wambui died as a result of nine blows to the head that were allegedly delivered by Wangui, who is then believed to have wrapped the deceased's body with a bedsheet, ready for disposal. 

    CCTV footage from the residence shows Wangui left Fourways driving Wambui's car a few minutes to 10pm and later abandoned it near Homeland Hotel. 

    She then went to the hotel and attempted to leave using the Toyota Allion that had been delivered by a mechanic but security guards forbid her because she did not have a car pass. 

    She resulted to hailing a taxi to take her back home in Fourways. Wangui later called Michael Mathenge, the person whom she had hired the Allion from. CCTV footage shows him arriving in a black Toyota Voxy.

    The two left and headed to the place where she had abandoned the late Wambui's car, where Judy, reportedly explained to Mathenge what had transpired. They went back to Fourways shortly after.

    Mathenge told police that on returning to Judy's house, she threatened to scream and frame him for Wambui's murder if he failed to help her dispose of the body.

    After loading the body into the white Mercedes, they left the premises for a dam in Ruiru where they dumped the body. 

    They drove to Kiamaiko in Githunguri and abandoned the Mercedes then drove back to Fourways in a black Voxy. 

    Meanwhile, Joseph Kori who had returned to his Garden City home at 10pm, was frantic about the whereabouts of his wife. 

    He sent his wife a text informing her to continue having fun wherever she was and not to come back home, he was to later realise that she had asked him to go to Judy's house. 

    He told authorities that he was shocked to see photos of the discovery of his wife's body trending on social media. Detectives apprehended him and using his phone, they duped Judy into meeting them at Homeland where they arrested her too. 

    Michael, the taxi operator, was also arrested and arraigned in court on February 6.

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