Haki Africa Calls for Inquest Into Carol Mwatha's Death

  • Independent pathologist Dr Peter Ndegwa speaks to members of the press at Umash Funeral Home on 14/2/2019. The Standard
  • A day after the autopsy of slain activist Caroline Mwatha was released, human rights group Haki Africa has called for an inquest into the matter.

    In a statement seen by Kenyans.co.ke, the activists confirmed that they were present during the procedure and were satisfied with how it was conducted.

    They, however, noted that the results could not provide a full picture of the case and circumstances around Mwatha's death

    "Although the cause of death is clear, the doctors were also clear from the autopsy, it is not possible to tell who caused the damage, why or how. This is left to police as they continue with investigations," Haki Africa Executive Director Hussein Khalid stated.

    Haki Africa Executive Director Hussein Khalid 

    He further called for a speedy conclusion to the investigations to ensure those responsible are brought to book.

    Also present during the autopsy conducted through Chief Government Pathologist Dr Johansen Oduor and independent pathologist Dr Peter Ndegwa, were Caroline Mwatha's family members and Dandora Community Centre where the activist worked. 

    The cause of the death was confirmed to be excessive bleeding as a result of a ruptured uterus.

    "During the autopsy, Haki Africa did witness a foetus being removed from the tummy of the body of Caroline Mwatha. The foetus (aged between 5-6 months according to the pathologists) had injuries including a fractured head and missing hand.

    "The body of Mwatha had no other marks besides a puncture on her right arm indicating intravenous (injection) marks," the organisation observed.

    Their report matched with a statement Ndegwa presented on Thursday, with the pathologist stating that they had taken some test specimen to determine what kind of medicine was injected.

    Here is the statement by Haki Africa: