Larry Madowo Pledges Support for Father In KNH Ksh56K Saga

  • BBC journalist Larry Madowo Twitter
  • Larry Madowo has offered to assist the father who tried escaping with his daughter from Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) due to a piled up bill of Kshs56,000.

    Taking to Twitter on Monday, the celebrated journalist mentioned a lawyer who would be able to take over the case going forward.

    “I have spoken to @CharlesLMadowo and will represent him pro-bono,” read the post.

    Larry Madowo's Tweet

    People commented on his tweet and congratulated him for his good work.

    “Bless you Larry” read a comment.

    A Section of the Comments

    Boniface Murage Wangechi, 22, had hidden his baby in a bag and tried to walk out of a Ksh 56,937 hospital bill.

    He was intercepted by security guards of the hospital while carrying a blue bag on February 16, 2019, who forcefully opened it only to find a baby.

    Appearing before Resident Magistrate Muthoni Nzibe, the father disclosed that he feared his wife and daughter would stay at the facility forever if he did not act, hence his reason for sneaking his daughter out

    Murage pleaded guilty after revealing that he had made the move because he did not have money to settle the hospital bill.

    Murage was remanded until February 19, 2019, when the judge will deliver her ruling.

    Boniface Murage Wangechi