NACADA Recommends Ban of Kuber Drug

National Agency for Campaign Against Drug Abuse (NACADA) Central region boss James Macharia called for the regulation or complete ban of kuber.

Mr Macharia made the remarks speaking in Mjini, Murang’a town on Friday, where he termed the popular drug as highly addictive.

In his speech, the regional boss urged the Ministry of Health to take action on the tobacco-based drug. His proposal might, therefore, see the drug being completely banned.

“The Ministry must establish regulations to control the use of the drug or ban it the way Shisha was banned,” he asserted.

He went on to claim that kuber not only contains the highly addictive nicotine but could also be easily laced with other gateway drugs such as cocaine and heroin, making users highly susceptible to addiction.

“The flavoured ‘Kuber’ has been mixed with other hard drugs and this makes it have extremely high craving effects, very hard to stop and very hard to be rehabilitated,” he stated.

During his address, Mr Macharia also informed the public that kuber’s low price and availability in most shops posed a serious risk to the younger generation.

“If something is not done to arrest the situation, the country will be grappling with a menace with school going children mostly affected and posing a huge risk to the coming generation,” he reiterated.

The contentious drug is a tobacco product that is reported to have more nicotine content than a cigarette and is usually ingested through the mouth by placing a small portion of the tobacco under one’s lower lip.

Kuber was reported to be the third most abused drug in Central region after bhang and alcohol respectively, increasing popularity among the youth.

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