Kenya to Give Uganda Land in Naivasha to Construct Dry Port

  • In official communication on Thursday, Uganda's President Yoweri Museveni confirmed President Uhuru Kenyatta's assertion that Kenya will give land in Naivasha to Uganda for the construction of a dry port.

    President Museveni indicated, "We also look forward to partnering on other projects with our Kenyan brothers. For example, they have offered us land to build a dry port at Naivasha. The SGR is a project we are partnering on."

    President Kenyatta also informed on Thursday that the talks he held with Uganda's leader were mainly about matters of regional development for the benefit of the two countries.

    The constructed port in Naivasha by Uganda will act as a base for its cargo that lands at Kenya’s port of Mombasa.

    With the development of the SGR project, which is expected to reach Naivasha in August 2019, cargo meant for Uganda will be easily transported to the dry port.

    Uhuru had earlier indicated, “I have confirmed to President Museveni that with that development in Naivasha and then moving the SGR to Malaba, goods will be able to move from Mombasa to Malaba in just two days.”

    Museveni was also keen to note that developing the rail system and water transport will save the road networks from wear and tear while reducing other hazards like accidents.

    "Also, we shall take advantage of the petroleum facility built in Kisumu so that we transport our petroleum products across Lake Victoria and save our roads from wear and tear occasioned by the heavy trucks," he stated.

    President Museveni also commended Uhuru for his Pan-African stand, especially facilitating trade between Uganda and Kenya since he came into office.

    I must thank the Kenyan government and President Uhuru in particular for ensuring that goods destined for Uganda are cleared in the shortest time possible at the Mombasa Port. It is something we had grappled with for a while but was fixed the moment President Uhuru came to office," divulged Museveni.