Panic as Police Shoot in the Air in CBD

  • An undated photo of Kenyan Police arresting a suspect Twitter
  • A video emerged online that showed two plain-clothed police officers shooting in the air while trying to arrest a bodaboda rider.

    It is alleged that the rider was being arrested for being in the Central Business District contrary to the by-law that makes it illegal.

    The video that was first published by the handle @ma3route has turned the panic of the people that witnessed the incident to anger for the netizens.

    ​ A photo of Boda boda operators in Thika town on May 20, 2012 ​

    The video shows bodaboda riders trying to run from the law enforcers but the officers manage to grab one of them.

    As the arrest unfolded, the drama attracted onlookers prompting the officers to shoot in the air sending the crowd running in all directions.

    Many people came out to criticize the professionalism of the police as Kenyans questioned the use of force during the arrest.

    Others were also angered by the fact that the police opted to shoot in the air knowing that the suspect was unarmed.

    Safe Boda, a company that deals with bodaboda riders, came out and admitted that the rider was one of those under their umbrella and criticized the incident.

    The company went ahead to ask the DCI and the DPP to launch investigations into the incident and have the officers responsible face action.

    No that's not right! We do not live in the jungle. Who are those so careless with firearms? Whoever they are should be accountable for their actions. That's threatening public safety and causing a disturbance of the peace in public,” reacted one Kenyan.

    This comes barely two days after police officers accidentally shot a 17-year-old Form two student in Migori when they fired in the air to try and disperse an angry mob that wanted to lynch a suspect.

    Disclaimer: The video has high pitched screams.