Kimani Ichung'wah Uncovers Plot to Kill Him for Supporting Ruto

  • Kikuyu MP Kimani Ichung'wah share a light moment with DP William Ruto. Twitter
  • Kikuyu MP Kimani Ichung'wah is a frustrated man after his security was withdrawn at the time when he had been constantly receiving threats to his life.

    Speaking to, the embattled lawmaker revealed that since July 2018, he has been receiving death threats and that the security withdrawal was the latest blow he suffered.

    When asked who he thought might be baying for his blood, the outspoken legislator curtly stated that it was the sponsors of the 'stop Ruto movement' but declined to divulge further.

    "The most recent is, of course, the withdrawal of my security... it is the sponsors of the stop Ruto movement (who are behind the threats)," he told this writer.

    Kimani Ichungwa during a past address

    He reported the matter to the Inspector General of Police and the Director of Criminal Investigations shortly after he received the threats.

    The caller threatened the MP casually telling him that ending his life was an easy affair if he continued working with the Deputy President.

    He further accused Ichun'gwah of selling out the Kikuyu community and that it was unacceptable.

    "I want to tell you as follows, you leave the community (Kikuyu Community), going to sell them where you are going to sell them to Ruto. I want you to know your dying is very easy, Let us not see you with that Ruto," he was threatened through an audio in our possession.

    He further hit out at both the police service and the DCI for going silent on him since he reported the matter nearly eight months ago.

    "I reported and did my statement to the IG and copied to the DCI but all of them just went mute," he revealed.

    Part of the documents seen by were a letter by Peter Thuku from the police service dated 30th July 2018 that acknowledged receipt of the MP's complaint.

    This comes just days after the state withdrew security for three leaders allied to the DP including Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu and Kandara MP Alice Wahome.

    Section of the statement that was recorded by Kimani Ichungwah.
    Section of the statement that was recorded by Kimani Ichungwah.
    Acknowledgement letter from the police after Ichungwa lodged a complaint.