Man Surprises Kenyans After Returning Wads of Cash He Picked in Forest

  • Hands holding Wads of Kenyans cash. Twitter
  • A man has surprised Kenyans in both amusing and jaw-dropping fashion after he collected Ksh 27,850 in a forest and traced it back to its owner.

    According to The Standard, the man, Nicholas Sang, 27, had gone to Bondet Forest in search of honey when he stumbled upon wads of cash.

    Besides the money, he also reported finding numerous identity documents, including a Boda Boda sale agreement suggesting the sale of a motorcycle at Ksh 60,000, that he used to get to the presumed owner identified as Robert Kipkurui Tonui.

    "The money was laying on the ground in the middle of the forest. Besides the money, I recovered a pair of socks and a handkerchief.

    "From it, I retrieved an identification card belonging to Robert Kipkurui Tonui, from Kapsengere Village, Bomet County," stated Sang.

    Nicholas Sang who collected Ksh27,850 in a forest and traced it back to its owner.

    The finding opened a puzzle since after he located the owner's homestead, he was surprised to find that the Tonui had been missing since April 7.

    "The family reported the matter at the local police station and returned to Bondet forest where the search party found additional items belonging to Tonui; which included a coat, underwear and another pair of socks," he stated revealing that they did not find his body

    Confirming the incident, Tonui's mother explained that her son, who worked as a power saw operator, left home on April 6 never to return.

    Several Kenyans were touched with Sang's kind gesture and took to social media to praise his honesty.

    "He did the right thing, may God bless him in his own special way!," posted a user on Facebook.

    "Good, honest people actually still do exist," posted yet another.

    Others were, however, perturbed by how he determined that the recipient was the right owner with others even mocking the seemingly "flawed" investigation system.

    "The problem is he is going to be held responsible for the missing boy...praying for his safe return home," posted another user.

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