Kakamega Twins' Flawless Dance Moves Amaze Kenyans

  • Kakamega twins, who were thrust into the spotlight in the most unexpected of ways, on Friday, unleashed their talents revealing flawless dance moves.

    While appearing on Radio Maisha's "Maisha Concert Friday", the two, Sharon Mathias and Melon Lutenyo, together with a sister, Mevies Imbaya, were challenged onto the dance floor.

    The twins, who were joined by the show's hosts, MCA Tricky and Mabruk, were dancing in a sync rhythm to the amusement of the masses.

    Impressed Kenyans took to social media to praise the duo insinuating that besides the striking resemblance in physical appearances, their taste in dance also proves that they belong together.

    "Awesome triplets may Almighty God blessed you so much baby girls," posted one user.

     "From their storyline, they are identical twins... Doing same things yet they are geographically placed in different regions... (We) can conclude they are from the same blood... DNA test will show their real parents," posted another user.

    The two were reunited, on Tuesday, after they met on Facebook following 19 years of living in separate homes. 

    Rosemary Onyango, who has been staying with Melon believes that Sharon is also her biological daughter.

    She claimed that she had gone to deliver triplets but after the Caesarian Section, the nurses told her she had delivered twins.

    The government has since intervened the matter with the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) promising to probe the circumstances that landed the twins into the mess.

    Watch the video of the twins dancing below: