Woman Emotionally Recounts Witnessing OCS Shoot Her Sister Dead

  • Police officers documenting a crime scene in an undated photo. Twitter
  •  A woman who witnessed her sister get shot dead by a police officer has recounted the last moments of the heartwrenching ordeal.

    The officer, identified as Likoni Deputy OCS Joab Omondi,  reportedly killed the womanPenina Kaimenyi, before turning the gun on himself in a fit of rage at Lovely Bar in Mtongwe.

    Kaimenyi's sister, Violet Kanana, revealed that moments before her sister was shot dead, she had hang out with the deceased before the officer showed up all stressed out.

    "Tulikuwa tumeketi tukiwa wamama watatu, mimi na huyo dadangu na mama mwingine. Sasa huyo mtu hata hakutuongelesha, alipita tu na akaenda huko ndani akawaambia wazime radio," narrated Kanana amidst sobs.

    (We were three women seated, my sister, another woman and I. Then that man showed up and without even talking to us, proceeded into the bar ordering them to turn off the music.

    Likoni Police Post in Mombasa County.

    After the music was tuned down, he drew his gun and fired in the air. Kanana revealed that she ran and hid into her sister's stall and successfully dodged the rogue officer's bullet.

    Kaimenyi, however, did not. The officer shot her while she was attempting to get into the same stall to take cover.

    “He aimed the gun at me and fired a bullet, but I managed to miraculously dodge it. I, thereafter, hid in Penina’s stall. When Penina was attempting to get into the stall, he shot her in the head.

    “I screamed and started running away. He looked at me. Our eyes met before he turned the gun on himself and fatally fired a bullet into his head,” she continued.

    According to reports, the incident occurred following a quarrel on Thursday night.

    The OCS died instantly with the incident being reported at Inuka police station by a Good Samaritan.