Time When DP Ruto was Almost Killed by Outlawed Militia Group

Deputy President (DP), William Ruto, almost lost his life following a brazen attack on his entourage as he disembarked from his helicopter to attend a political rally hosted by the Cabinet Minister, Simeon Nyachae on September 22, 2007.

DP Ruto was firmly rooted in Raila Odinga's Orange Democratic Party (ODM) at the time, leading to his close-shave with death while on the campaign trail.

Ruto, Omingo Magara, Mr Chris Obure and Mr Chris Bichage were on their way to attend a youth Harambee function convened by Mr Nyachae at Nyamarambe, South Mugirango Constituency.

However, as soon as they stepped out of the chopper, a group of youth that has since been identified as the outlawed Chinkororo militia group reigned down on Ruto and his allies.

The rowdy youth hurled arrows and stones towards the DP forcing them to flee for their lives, with Ruto reportedly losing one of his shoes as well as sustaining an injury on his left knee.

Mr Bichage was not so lucky and sustained serious injuries and was flown hurriedly to hospital.

During the 2017 election campaigns, DP Ruto stated that he forgave his attackers and even afforded to make a joke about it.

"I know you people are no joke. I remember when you flushed me a decade ago when campaigning," he remarked.

Chinkororo's brazen attack proved to be the spark that led to an eruption of chaos across the region, with Raila calling for the arrest of Mr Nyachae, who was believed to have orchestrated the highly coordinated attacks.

Back in Nairobi, anti-riot police dispersed students from Kenyatta and Nairobi universities demonstrating from the Nairobi Hospital. Carrying an empty coffin, they wailed, sang dirges and chanted anti-Nyachae slogans.

Several buses and matatus headed to Kisii from Nairobi were re-routed to a police station under heavy escort for safety of passengers, with vehicles heading to Nairobi and Nakuru from Kisii the following morning stopped by the rowdy youths at Sotik.

The youth forced passengers to alight and seek alternative means to their destinations.

However, calm has since been restored since the unfortunate incident, with the government officially declaring the Chinkororo militia group as an outlawed unit back in 2010.

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