Col (Rtd) Cyrus Oguna: Military Man Who Has Been Appointed as New Government Spokesperson

Eric Kiraithe was on Tuesday replaced as the Government Spokesperson by former Linda Nchi Spokesman Colonel (Rtd) Cyrus Oguna.

The appointment was announced by the Ministry of ICT. Like many other recent appointees, Oguna has served in the military. 

Colonel Oguna came into the limelight when the Kenya Defence Forces entered Somalia in 2011 to battle Al-Shabaab militants. Kenyans got fond of him through his weekly updates on the war in Somalia.

The eloquent speaker became KDF’s public face as he conveyed with enthusiasm the progress made by the forces in Operation Linda Nchi.

Col. Oguna disappeared from Kenyan screens when KDF officially joined the African Union Mission in Somalia (Amisom) and was appointed to head the communication office at AMISOM.

The communications docket was later handed to Djibouti with Kenya getting the legal office.

He then announced his redeployment to KDF headquarters and resumed his previous work as an operations information officer before retiring.

Earlier in the year, Colonel Oguna had been shortlisted to head the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission but the job went to his fellow military man, Major Twalib Mubarak.

Col (Rtd) Oguna has a Masters Degree in Political Science from UoN and is currently pursuing a second Masters Degree in International Studies from the same institution.

In his new docket, Col (Rtd) Oguna will have an oversight role over two government news gathering and dissemination channels-Kenya News Agency and MyGov.