Heroic Boda Boda Rider Helps Stranded Woman Deliver Baby

  • A boda boda rider was the toast of the town on Tuesday after he helped a stranded woman deliver outside a hospital in Makueni.

    The woman, Virginia Syowia Munene, had been dropped off at Kitise health centre at around midnight only to find the clinic closed.

    "I went into labour just before midnight and therefore had to find a boda-boda to rush me to the clinic. He left me at the entrance after as we found the gate to the health centre was closed," Syowia revealed.

    The expectant lady spent the next 6 hours in agony as the night guard refused to open up, claiming that there was no one within the compound to assist her.

    By 6 am her labour contractions were becoming unbearable, but all she could do was scream out while writhing in pain on the ground.

    Luckily a boda boda operator, Peter Muteti, was passing nearby as he ferried pupils to school when he heard her harrowing screams.

    "The woman was lying down helpless. I had never assisted anybody to give birth before and I lacked midwifery knowledge, but how would I have let her die?" Muteti divulged to The Standard.

    Muteti quickly asked his passenger to walk the rest of the way to school as he got down to assist Syowia to deliver her baby, however, things got complicated midway and he had to rush to the nearby market for some backup.

    "There is a woman only known as Malia who loiters in the market and she is the one I got to help," the boda-boda rider disclosed.

    Moments later, Syowia held her newborn baby boy in her arms, after Muteti's heroics.

    The rider went a step further and took it upon himself to make her porridge after learning that she had no one back home to take care of her following her agonizing ordeal.

    Makueni sub-county health officer, Shyreen Khalid Abubakar, while speaking to the media, affirmed that both Syowia and her newborn were in good health.