Governor Rasanga Dares EACC to Arrest Him

  • Siaya Governor Cornel Rasanga at a past event File
  • Siaya Governor, Cornel Rasanga, has called out the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) and dared them to take him into custody.

    The governor was addressing his residents as he launched a one-week anti-corruption campaign in the county.

    “If you think that Rasanga is corrupt, come and arrest me while am still in office. Don’t wait 10 years down the line to follow me up,” the governor asserted.

    Reports by the Daily Nation indicate that he claimed EACC was just on a witch hunt in which they were targeting individuals without any concrete or admissible evidence.

    Siaya Governor Cornel Rasanga pictured addressing the public at a past event

    Rasanga also revealed that he was well versed in how the anti-corruption officials operated, having attained enough experience back when he worked as a senior procurement officer.

    “When I was a senior procurement officer, the office of the DPP used to consult me on how to handle issues of procurement flaws,” he divulged.

    In his impassioned address, the governor claimed that EACC officers were often compromised through bribes as they kept on being reshuffled.

    “They don't want to come to my office but peddle rumours that they want to storm my home. Let them come now because I'm not corrupt,” he said.

    The workshop was also attended by county secretary, Dave Anyona, county commissioner, Michael ole Tialal, and top national and county government officials.

    Rasanga urged the EACC officials present at the function to allocate 80 per cent of their allocated budget on seeking preventive measures, and the rest on the prosecution of any culprits caught by their dragnet.

    EALA MP Oburu Oginga (l), Siaya Governor Cornel Rasanga (c) and Senator James Orengo at a past event