Matiang'i's Name Used to Execute Dubai Gold Scam

  • As the Dubai gold scam continues to unravel, details have emerged about how the fraudsters used Interior CS Fred Matiang'i's name to execute their plan. 

    The suspects, among them Zaheer Merhali Jhanda, first told Ali Zandi, a representative of the United Arab Emirates royal family, that the gold which was promised, had been detained at JKIA. 

    In December 2018, Zandi flew to Kenya to coordinate how the cargo would be transported to Dubai but his attempts to meet senior government officials were futile. 

    The cons introduced their victim to another accomplice who claimed to work with the UN and had connections to clear the seized gold.

    A fake breakthrough happened in January when the suspects told Zandi that they could secure an audience with CS Matiang'i. 

    The conmen arranged a meeting with Zandi and 'Matiang'i' at a hotel in Karen. 

    The imposter masquerading as the CS was driven in two high-end vehicles to the location and police believe the two met inside one of the vehicles. 

    Zandi was promised that upon payment of a facilitation fee, the government official would help in the release of the cargo. 

    Months later, after the UAE established that the gold was not forthcoming, a protest letter was written addressed to the government of Kenya with instructions to release the consignment. 

    With no consignment to be cleared, authorities became suspicious that's when the con game was unraveled.