Police Launch Manhunt For Killer Slum Gang

  • Police holding machetes confiscated from gang members after an operation Twitter
  • Police in Nakuru have launched a manhunt for a dreaded gang that has been terrorising slum residents in the area.

    ‘Confirm’, a gang that had been declared illegal by former interior CS, the late Joseph Nkaissery, is said to have re-emerged and causing people sleepless nights.

    On Wednesday, the police, led by Nakuru East Sub-County Police Commander Ellena Wairimu and Deputy County Commissioner Herman Shambi, raided Kivumbini and Flamingo estates in a bid to flush out the gang members.

    Police officers during a crackdown in Kivumbini and Flamingo estates in Nakuru East on May 22, 2019.

    During the raid, they arrested four youth who will arraigned in court on Thursday.

    Nation reported that the area residents claimed that the gang had protection from two local politicians and had been terrorising them especially in Kivumbini, Lake View, Kwa Rhoda, Kaptembwa, Flamingo, Kaloleni and Bondeni among others places.

    Police also netted about five kilograms of bhang, 1,100 litres of illicit brew and at least 75 litres of chang’aa.

    Police claimed that the brewers of the illicit liquor were receiving protection from the gang.

    "We believe the suspects are part of the notorious 'Confirm' gang that has been terrorising residents in various slums. They also protect a thriving illicit brew business in the slums. We will continue with a sustained crackdown until we get rid of all their criminal cells," stated Wairimu.

    We have so far arrested at least 100 members of the group in the past few months who have been charged in court. We have also increased our patrols in various parts of the affected areas,” added the police boss.

    Recently police acting on a tip-off gunned down an individual in Rhonda area believed to be a member of the gang who was part of a crew that had just robbed a shop and made away with gas cylinders.

    A photo of lane between houses in a Nakuru slum