Exotic Kenyan Drink That is Only Sold in Scotland

  • An image of two different varieties of coffee drinks. File yelp.com
  • Residents of Glasgow in Scotland are being treated to a delicacy originating from Kenya which many might not know exists. 

    The drink dubbed 'camelccinos' is brewed from a mixture of coffee and camel milk originating from Wajir. 

    A report by The African Exponent ( an online outlet for African news in business, finance, markets, politics, culture), 10 percent of profits go towards a scheme for camel milk traders in Kenya to help them deal with the effects of climate change. 

    The project is a brainchild of Mercy Corps, a global humanitarian organisation. 

    Camels in Turkana feeding on tree leaves.

    141 women, all with sizeable camel herds near Wair, North-eastern Kenya, are partnering with the organisation to supply the coffee shops in Europe. 

    Willow Tea Rooms owner Anne Mulhern, who is the seller of the drink, said 'camelccinos' have proved popular in tests. 

    She added, “When we were approached about camel milk, we looked into its properties and found out that it’s healthier and higher in Vitamin C and iron than cow’s milk. We’ve road-tested it and our customers loved it. Camel milk cappuccinos could become a permanent feature on our menus."

    Speaking to Kenyans.co.ke, nutrition expert Kepha Nyanumba explained that camel milk is the closest alternative to human breast milk. 

    Compared to cow milk, Camel milk has more Iron and Vitamin C. 

    Iron is an important component in blood formation and prevents lifestyle diseases like anaemia. 

    Vitamin C is essential for boosting immunity in the body.

    Camel milk is also easier to digest compared to cow one and triggers less allergic reactions. 

    One of the problems the herders face is storing the milk as it quickly goes bad due to high temperatures in Wajir. 

    The herders have been issued with refrigerators powered by solar energy, refrigerated transport and vending machines. 

    A local enjoys a cup of camel milk.