Disturbing Suicide Note of Officer Who Killed Himself Over Girl

  • The unsettling last words written by an Administrative Police (AP) officer before he took his life in a gruesome manner have emerged.

    Reports by The Standard revealed that the late officer, Jonah Kimani, pointed out the exact reason as to why he decided to end his life.

    "God forgive me because it is not my wish to die young. But whoever is the cause of my death let her not rest even a single minute," an excerpt of his disturbing note disclosed.

    His colleagues, while still reeling from the shock of his demise, made his last WhatsApp message public, in which he allegedly identified the lady who was responsible for his suicidal thoughts.

    "When I die there is a Turkana lady from Lokichar who has killed me, familia ya akina Hilda, loosely translating to, from Hilda's family," the late Kimani posted at 4:17 am on the officers' WhatsApp group.

    It all went downhill from there as his fellow officer tried to convince him to talk it out through the group as well as advising him to take some time off.

    "Iko nini boss, ebu chukua leave kwanza uende home kama iko dalili ya wewe kuuawa, uhai ni ya muhimu sana, loosely translating to, just take some time off and go home if you suspect that your life is at risk because life is precious," an unidentified colleague posted on their WhatsApp group at 4:43 am.

    However, officer Kimani did not leave any other message before taking his life at around 7:30 am after finishing his patrol round within Tena estate, Nairobi.

    The Occurrence Book (OB) detailed the events leading to his suicide which he reportedly committed by shooting himself through the throat using is government issued AK-47.

    "His colleagues heard a gunshot from his house and on breaking the window, they saw him lying lifeless over a pool of his own blood," an excerpt of the OB divulged.

    The officers also stated that they had found a note next Kimani's corpse that affirmed the identity of the woman he had mentioned in their WhatsApp group in the wee hours of the morning.

    Kimani's troubling note went on to reveal that he had left behind a son and a daughter before going on to bequeath all his property to his 7-month-old baby girl.