2 Fresh Damning Revelations Sonko Made About Passaris on JKL

  • Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko continued with his scathing attack on the county's Women Representative Esther Passaris during JKLive on Wednesday.

    The seemingly irritated governor claimed that Passaris reportedly demanded double pay for her per diem and that in one occasion, she allegedly invited him to her hotel room at Intercontinental hotel.

    The flamboyant governor, however, explained that he could not agree to any of her demands and that her earlier allegations that he never picks up her calls were completely false.

    "The Nairobi County women representative wanted her per diem to be paid twice. I have not paid her and I will not pay.

    "Hata mimi ni bwana ya mtu na akikuja (Esther Passaris) hapa nitamuuliza kwanini ananiita Intercontinental kwa room (I am a husband of someone else, if Esther Passaris comes here, I will ask her why she called me to a room inside Intercontinental Hotel)… we want leaders who respect families," Sonko told the show host Jeff Koinange.

    The Governor further took the opportunity to address a recent showdown between himself and Passaris claiming that she must have been sent by senior officials to attack him.

    "She was under instructions from a senior officer in the office of the president to attack me in public… she was paid," he claimed.

    So volatile was the interview that the TV station was forced to wrap it up prematurely.

    Sonko grew so candid in an attempt to defend himself and started breaking down conversations between them by revealing their texts and audio clips. 

    At one point during the interview, Jeff warned that the show's director would cut the interview if he continued exposing his conversations with the woman rep. 

    After a very heated exchange between Jeff and Sonko, the show had to cut for a commercial break that extended to 10 minutes. 

    After the break, Jeff revealed that due to editorial policies and quality controls, the interview had to be aborted.