Government Raids Murugu and Kamirithu Herbal Clinics In Sting Operation

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  • Kamirithu and Murugu Herbal clinics were on Monday raided by inspectors from the Pharmacy and Poisons Board (PPB) who seized cartons of their herbal medication.

    Reports by the Daily Nation that the drugs were in powder form, including some that could allegedly cure cancer as well as quell gynaecological complications.

    The team of inspectors raided the Kamirithu Herbs Clinic's branches in Ngara and Ruiru.

    Dr Peter Murugu of Murugu Natural and Nutritional Clinic

    Among the irregularities found with the medication were lack of manufacturing dates, expiry dates and the ingredients of the medications.

    The PPB team was also accompanied by members of the police during the sting operation.

    "We are concerned that the drugs they are selling do not contain the dates of manufacture and expiry, as well as the ingredients used in their preparation," PPB officer Dr Washington Oyoo disclosed.

    He also added that the medication, despite having the healing agents, was also poisonous and could be harmful or even fatal to the patients if used wrongly.

    "It is important to note that the chemical compounds used to prepare medicines are poisons which can positively or negatively affect the human body," added Oyoo.

    On his end, the Kamirithu sole-proprietor, Andrew Njuguna, revealed that he had studied Pharmacy at the Royal College in Ruiru.

    He also explained that he was the one in charge of the production of the drugs, having passed as a registered pharmacist.

    Njuguna affirmed that he had registered some of his drugs at the University of Nairobi, but the government is yet to test the products and release the results.

    He claimed that one of the powder samples can treat allergies, malaria and diabetes.

    He further claimed that another drug in his vast catalogue was capable of curing dysmenorrhea, among other gynaecological conditions. 

    Pharmacy and Poisons Board officer, Dr Tola Jahar, (left) with Kamirithu Herbs Clinic's owner Andrew Njuguna at one of his manufacturing sites in Kahawa Wendani during a raid on June 17, 2019.