DP Ruto's Hilarious Dance Moves Leave Kenyans in Stitches

  • Deputy President William Ruto on Tuesday played host to the famous dance crew ‘FBI’ at his Karen office.

    During the meeting, he announced that the dance group would be representing Kenya at the World Hip Hop Championships in Arizona, USA, from August 5 to 10.

    The crew came dressed in ‘police’ like regalia and carried one for the DP too.

    After showing Ruto some of their famous dance moves, they asked him to join.

    At first, the DP was scared of the flipping and somersaulting that the youthful dancers had shown him but they assured him they would go easy on him.

    Ruto obliged and tried to pull a move or two from the crew's techniques and this is where Kenyans would not let him be.

    Mutinga Samuel noted that the DP was dancing like a man who just had his lunch and was extremely full.

    Others thought that the Ruto had actually nailed the moves with Maggie Irene claiming that the DP had ‘great moves’.

    Another group of Kenyans accused the country’s second in command of trying a bit too hard to impress with David Kebiro stating that the DP was a jack of all trades a but a master of none.

    Others wondered whether DP Ruto was actually dancing or just moving his hands all over the place with the legit ghost asking “sasa hizi ni nini (Now what is this)?”

    Below is the video: