Kenya Police's 4 New Directives on Traffic Management

  • Inspector General of Police Hillary Mutyambai making an address File
  • The Inspector-General of National Police Service (NPS) Hillary Mutyambai on Wednesday unveiled four new directives that would be incorporated in the management of traffic on Kenyan roads.

    According to the press release by the IG, the move was in a bid to improve road safety for motorists and other road users.

    The IG emphasized that traffic checkpoints and roadblocks on highways shall only be mounted with the express authority of the Regional or formation commanders. Mounting of the roadblocks must, however, be justified and rationalized.

    A traffic Police trying to stop a vehicle

    Secondly, in a bid to streamline police management on traffic, regional and formation commanders have been charged with the direct responsibility of managing traffic affairs in their commands.

    The IG further warned both parties, the police and road users to desist from corrupt activities on the road. Consequently, both parties were charged with the responsibility to report any corrupt activities to the relevant authorities without any fear or favor.

    Mutyambai also went ahead to clarify that commanders will be held responsible for any misconduct by traffic officers which goes unpunished under their commands. He warned that the commanders will be answerable for any uncouth activities.

    Among the regular responsibilities, the regional commanders were to ensure that there is a constant smooth flow of traffic, quick response to accident scenes and prompt investigations.

    The IG had earlier on issued a directive for the arrest of any government vehicles found violating traffic regulations.

    In a statement to newsrooms, the IG had given a directive on road clearance to VIPs stating, "Any government vehicle found violating traffic regulations especially those overlapping, the driver shall be arrested and charged in accordance with the law."

    Mutyambai noted that the changes were necessary for the streamlining of the flow of traffic in major cities. In his notice, only select persons are entitled to special clearance on roads and high way.

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