Kenya Police: List of All Accident Black Spots

  • Road accidents remain untamed phenomena in Kenya considering that not a single day goes by without hearing of news about tragic mishaps on different roads across the country.

    In addition to the personal costs that each person pays whenever an accident occurs, many Kenyans lose their lives, even as others suffer paralysis, or get amputated.

    It is therefore imperative to note some of Kenya's worst black spots even as you drive across the county to your various destinations.

    Before you drive, think about how wonderful life is, your loved ones, your business and the other great dreams you still have to achieve in life. 

    Be proactive by taking precaution and removing all forms of distractions that might hinder your focus whilst driving in these areas. Life is worth living! 

    According to the Kenya Police website, the following sections are considered risky for motorists due to the number of accidents that have occurred in their vicinity.

    List of all accident black spots


    1. Nkubu - Embu Road Section

    2. Konza Junction To Salama Road Section – Mombasa/Nrb At Chumvi Area

    3. Salama - Sultan Hamud Road Section

    4. Emali Simba Market To Kibwezi

    5. Mtito To Tsavo River Stretch

    6. Nanyuki To Isiolo Junction At Subuiga

    7. Machakos - Wamunyu Road Section At Kithangathini

    8. Mlolongo - Small World Club – And Junction To Namaga And At Mto Wa Mawe Bridge


    1. Kiganjo - Narumoru Road

    2. Kibirigwi - Sagana Road Section

    3. Limuru - Uplands Section

    4. Thika Blue Post - Sagana Bridge Road Section

    5. Kiriaini – Muranga Road Section

    6. Nyeri – Nyahururu Road

    7. Makongeni (Along Thika – Garissa Road)

    8. Makutano Embu Road

    9. Kiambu – Muthaiga Road

    Rift Valley

    1. Kinungi - Naivasha – Gilgil Toll Station

    2. Gilgil - Mbaruk Road Section

    3. Molo G.S.U Camp - Salgaa

    4. Salgaa To A.D.C. Farm Section

    5. Timboroa - Burnt Forest Section

    6. Chepsir - Kipkelion Junction

    7. Kericho - Litein Road Section

    8. Kericho - Kaitui Section

    9. Endebes Eldoret Road Section

    10. Nanyuki Isiolo Junction

    11. Nyeri – Nyahururu Wiyumiririe Area

    12. Gilgil Nakuru Road Kasambara Area


    1. Tsavo – Maungu – Voi Road Section

    2. Wundanyi - Mwatate Road Section

    3. Maungu - Tsavo East Gate Road Section

    4. Maktau - Taveta Road Section

    5. Mazeras Miritini Road Section

    6. Rabai Ribe Road Section

    7. Kaloleni Dzitsoni Road Section

    8. Kilifi - Vipingo Road Section

    9. Kibarani - Changamwe Makande

    10. Kwale Matuga Junction Road Section

    11. Tembo Disco Area Along Msa – Malindi Road

    12. Kengeleni Traffic Lights

    13. Buxton Traffic Lights

    14. Saba-Saba Lights

    15. Kibarani Area

    16. Sportsman Changamwe Area

    17. Navy Junction Long Lunga- Lunga/Likoni Rd

    18. Shika – Adabu Area

    19. Waa Sec. School Area

    20. Gede Area Along Msa-Malindi Road


    1. Mbale - Vihiga Road Section

    2. Kakamega Chavakali Road Section

    3. Kakamega - Kisumu – Ilesi Maseno

    4. Kakamega – Mumias Rd – Makunga

    5. Kakamega - Webuye – Lubao, Kambi Ya Mwanza Ejinya Corner, Malava Forest

    6. Bungoma – Eldoret – Chemoi

    7. Kitale Webuye – Lugulu Misikhu


    1. Awasi Ahero Road Section

    2. Kiboswa Kisumu Road Section

    3. Daraja Mbili - Bondo Junction

    4. Oyugis - Katitu Road Section

    5. Migori Kakrao Road

    6. Gucha Bridge

    7. Migori Township

    8. Ogembo Nyanguso Road

    9. Kisii Township Main Road

    10. Mwembe Area Kisii Town

    11. Kisii Daraja Mbili


    1. Kasarani G.S.U Stretch

    2. Westlands Museum Roundabout

    3. Westlands Kabete Road

    4. Mombasa Road Between Kencell Hqrs 7 Cabanas

    5. Jogoo Road Near Maziwa Stage

    6. Waiyaki Way Near Kangemi Fly Over

    North Eastern

    1. Garissa Madogo - Kbc Station

    2. Modogashe - Habaswein

    3. Ukasi - Bangale

    4. Bangale – Hola Road Junction

    5. Buna - Gurar

    Common causes of road accidents in Kenya

    It is important to drive carefully and follow all traffic laws. 

    However, just because you are careful does not mean that you can be assured that all other drivers on the road will do the same thing.  

    Below are the most common causes of car accidents in Kenya. 

    1. Drugs

    Alcohol consumption, even in small quantities, can affect a driver’s judgment, coordination, reaction time, and more.

    The result is that a drunk driver makes poor decisions and causes preventable accidents. Some common types of accidents caused by drunk drivers include:

    Head-on collisions

    Drunk drivers can become drowsy or fall asleep at the wheel, and veer into oncoming traffic in a head-on collision.

    In addition, alcohol reduces a person’s vision, ability to comprehend traffic signs and signals, and comprehension of the actions of other drivers, making this type of wreck a likely outcome.

    Rear-end collisions

    A person’s ability to judge distances is impaired and his reaction time slowed when he is intoxicated.

    This can make him unable to react quickly enough when another driver slows down or stops quickly ahead of him.

    He can also incorrectly believe that he can safely slow down and stop when he can’t.


    A drunk driver experiencing impaired vision may not see a pedestrian, especially at night, with the victim suffering catastrophic injuries or death.

    Wrong-way wrecks

    Because an intoxicated driver cannot read and comprehend traffic signs competently, he may not even realize that he is driving the wrong way on a one-way street or entrance or exit to the highway.

    Note: drugs, including marijuana, prescription pills, and other illegal drugs also cause terrible accidents. 
    Never drive if you are under the influence of any drug, prescribed or not.

    2. Speeding

    Speeding is the second most common cause of accidents.

    Although it can be tempting to push the speed limit for an adrenaline rush or just because you are running late, you should resist the urge and stay within the legal limits.

    3. Night driving and rain

    With rain, comes a lot of challenges on the roads especially since it can get slippery and sometimes the visibility can be very poor.

    While you can’t always avoid driving in the rain, if visibility is too low to drive or the roads seem particularly slick, you should pull over and wait until the storm passes. 

    Lack of visibility at night also makes hazards more difficult to see at night.

    Make sure that you are extra alert on the road at night, and use your full lights when on an abandoned road without streetlights. 

    4. Corruption

    Corruption could be the single greatest factor contributing to the high rate of road carnage in Kenya. Traffic police, road users, and even drivers are guilty of this.

    According to reports by Nation, approximately Ksh30 billion is collected in bribes on the major highways each year, enough to construct a road similar to the Thika Highway!

    5. Potholes

    Some of our roads are notorious for potholes and they can be very frustrating for drivers because sometimes they can’t be avoided.

    However, in order to remain safe, try to drive around potholes to avoid damaging your car, when you can, but do not swerve into another lane if cars are coming. 

    6. Tailgating

    This is common on our roads where drivers take advantage of the ambulance and follow it closely to beat the jam.

    There is never an excuse to get too close to the car in front of you, no matter how frustratingly slow the jam may be moving.

    Keep a safe distance from other cars so that you will have time to react to sudden turns or uses of brakes.