What To Expect as East Africa’s Got Talent is Set to Premier on Sunday

  • Over the years, we’ve watched America, Britain, Australia and other African countries (Nigeria and South Africa) show that they got talent, and now it is East Africa’s time to step up to the challenge.

    Bringing you an eclectic night of the best acts ever assembled in the region is the inaugural installment of East Africa’s Got Talent that will be airing this Sunday the 4th of August 2019

    The show is based on the international television format, Got Talent and will feature a cocktail of acts comprising of singers, dancers, comedians, variety acts, and other talents from all ages.

    Contestants put themselves out there for the judges and the world to determine if they really are what they think they are - Stars!

    On that stage, it must be a nerve-wracking moment for them knowing that it might be their only chance in the spotlight.

    I personally live for the heart-stopping stunts that keep me at the edge of my chair - acts that are so gripping that even if I wanted to turn away from watching the action, I am glued to see how it goes.

    Just when you thought one act was the best you’ve ever seen, out comes another that leaves you even more astounded.

    The show is more than just a competition as you often find yourself invested in certain acts that you root for, and feel gutted when your favs don’t make the cut to advance to the next round. It’s always heartbreaking - but hey, to select the winner in a high talent pool, some incredible acts will have to fall along the way.

    If you’ve followed the other editions, you know that the "Judge Cuts" rounds are often the most challenging in the competition, and arguably where the "entertaining" acts are separated from the truly talented ones.

    Tasked with determining which act has the potential to win the grand prize of Ksh5 Million is the judges' panel that consists of, Jeff Koinange (Kenya), Gaetano Kwagana (Uganda), Vanessa Mdee (Tanzania) and DJ Contact Makeda (Rwanda).

    Who will be the Simon Cowell in that line-up? I wonder.

    African Award-Winning Queen of Comedy and a self-proclaimed Ninja, Kansiime Anne will be the host and will bring along her charisma and wit.

    It will be interesting to see if the rules in all the other installments will be observed in the East Africa version and if #EAGT will be adapted to accommodate our diverse pool of talent.

    Will there be wild card slots and the life-changing golden buzzers moments?

    Which acts will live up to the hype and which will fall flat?

    So many questions, so much anticipation…

    You can’t afford to miss the inaugural airing of #EAGTPoweredBySafaricom on Citizen TV this Sunday, 4th August at 8 pm.

    As Jeff promises, it’s going to be smooooookin’!!!