Anne Kiguta Interrupts Guest to Take Instructions on Live TV [VIDEO]

  • K24 TV's Anne Kiguta, on Sunday evening, had to cut off her guest, Thirdway Alliance Party leader, Ekuru Aukot during an interview on Punchline.

    They were having a conversation about how much money Kenya loses to corruption.

    Aukot was challenging Deputy President William Ruto, who is of the opinion that if the country lost as much money to corruption as is reported, the government would not be able to deliver projects as it has. 

    "The deputy president of this country has chosen to be convenient. They are the people who are refusing to listen to the auditor general's report. The auditor general is a person we have given constitutional work to audit and he made a finding that about Ksh700 billion is lost.

    "This is not a work of fiction, the figures are there. And now with an increased budget, it is also commonly known that... " Ekuru went on before Ms Kiguta cut him short. 

    "It seems I need to ask that question again. Where exactly Oposh?" the presenter asked as she adjusted her earpiece.

    When the interview resumed, she posed to the 2017 presidential aspirant that "You have said that you will save Ksh3.5 trillion by punishing thieves of public money and you are basing this on the auditor general's report, about how much we lose yet the Deputy President of the Republic of Kenya, has gone on record that the government does not have an actual figure as to how much is lost." 

    "Even if that were the case, it cant be a figure as high because of zero development would be going on," she stated.

    "The number one thief of our public money is the Government of Kenya There is nobody who steals public money without the blessing of the government," Aukot responded.

    He explained that one can't walk into Treasury and walk away with money, without the most powerful people in the country getting involved.