Wanted Billionaire Traced After Worldwide Manhunt

  • The DCI has picked up on the trail of Nairobi billionaire, Humphrey Kariuki, who is wanted for tax evasion. 

    The search for Kariuki has been expanded to Europe after detectives reported that they traced him to London. 

    The business mogul ostensibly travelled from South Africa where he was last seen. 

    A cloud of Ksh41 billion tax evasion charges hangs over his head, as he traverses the world. Police fear that he could be headed to Cyprus, where he is a citizen.

    In Cyprus, investors have to part with Ksh226 million for a passport. 

    They also have to make a compulsory donation of Ksh8.4 million to the Research and Innovation Foundation and another similar amount to the Cyprus Land Development Corporation, that funds the country's affordable housing program.

    Over the weekend, detectives were baffled during a raid at one of the businessman's properties, Fairmont Mount Kenya Safari Club. 

    The detectives were eyeing his vast wealth at the Nanyuki hotel but were shocked to discover only a few valuable movable items.

    On arriving at the establishment, the investigators failed to locate two private jets which they were targeting. 

    Instead, they found a much smaller aircraft and a Toyota Land Cruiser.