Ruto's New Promise to Youngest MP After Graduation

  • Deputy President William Ruto, on Saturday, made a promise to the youngest MP in Kenya, John Paul Mwirigi, during his graduation party in Igembe South, Meru County.

    Ruto began his speech with a request to the local residents to embrace peace and unity in order to achieve development goals.

    He further noted that the Jubilee administration had promised to bring all the communities in Kenya together in a bid to beat tribalism.

    “I want us to cooperate, I want to ask you to join us. As the Jubilee government, we promised to end the politics of hate and tribalism. We want politics that can unify all people of the Republic of Kenya,” Ruto noted.

    The DP then turned his attention to the MP who is only 25 years old. 

    The second in command promised to assist the first time legislator to achieve his development promises to the electorate, that put him in The August House.

    I want to promise together with President Uhuru Kenyatta, we will hold this young man's hand and ensure he does not embarrass the youth. He is a youth and we will make him succeed.

    We are going to support him so that people believe there is quality leadership in the young people of this country,” the DP added.

    The Igembe South MP shocked a lot of Kenyans in 2017, when he decided to contest for the seat as an independent candidate against other well-seasoned politicians.

    Mwirigi graduated with a Bachelor of Education degree from Mount Kenya University on August 10, 2019.