De'Mathew's Last Words on Raila Before He Died

  • Moments before his untimely demise on Sunday evening, Kikuyu benga maestro John De'Mathew, reportedly addressed an issuing regarding ODM leader Raila Odinga.

    "As a community (Gikuyu) let us not be lied to that the Prime Minister's post belongs to Raila Odinga. The post can go to anybody from any tribe in Kenya because it is a national post," he was quoted by the Nation.

    The musician who was vocal on political issues reportedly called out to members of the Agikuyu community to rally behind the proposed Constitutional amendments.

    He was trying to allay the fears that the contentious referendum was meant to secure 2022 positions, and said that it would be a seat to help peace prevail in Kenya.

    Benga maestro John DeMathew

    "The system of governance we are clamoring for will enhance cohesion and that will be effective only if we incorporate a Prime Minister’s position in the Constitution. It is the only way to deal with the ‘winner takes it all’ mentality,” he stated.

    This was not the first time he was playing dalliance with politics.

    He was arraigned alongside other Kikuyu musicians in July 2012 due to a song, Witueti Hiti (You have turned yourself into a hyena) which was said to fuel hate speech.

    Matthew was also heavily involved in the Jubilee campaigns in 2013 and 2017.

    Popularly known as Baba Shiko, he derived his stage name from his first name John and his father's name Mathew.
    John 'de' Mathew is loosely translated to John 'from' Mathew in French.

    Some of his biggest hits include Nii Kii Wacokera?, Menye Menye, Jogoo Ya Town, Thii Biu, Property, Nyina wa Carol, Simama Mama and Niwanyumire Thayu.

    Other lesser-known hits include My Brother, Mwihuguro, Mene Mene Tekeli, Njata Yakwa, Mary, Niundukaniirie, Mami Ke Nguinire, Ruhiu Rwa Guka, Chiunguyu Iria Nene and Ngucokia Ngatho.

    John De Mathew's accident scene

    In his lifetime, he was able to record over 50 albums and 375 songs.