Kabogo's Warning to Governors After Politician Is Roughed up in Germany

  • Former Kiambu Governor, William Kabogo, has issued a stern warning to politicians who seek medical care abroad.

    On his Facebook page, the former governor posted a video showing the vice president of Nigeria's Senate being roughed up by his compatriots.

    The politician had gone to seek medical care in Germany.

    In the video seen by Kenyans.co.ke, the politician is seen being beaten up by an angry mob, while being asked to return home.

    Former Kiambu Governor William Kabogo

    ''You want better care!!! We too want some. Build 5-star hospitals to benefit everyone. You are not asked to do it from your pocket, full of money from the people that you steal from us every day. Do it with the budgeted money. Otherwise, we die together," the politician is told.

    Kabogo asked governors and Health Cabinet Secretary, Sicily Kariuki, to take note of what had happened to the Nigerian politician. 

    In March 14, 2018, Nyali MP, Mohammed Ali, made a similar appeal to his fellow parliamentarians regarding the status of health facilities in Kenya. 

    The MP noted that diseases like cancer were wiping out many people, regardless of their status in society.

    "The Lord is also not forgiving the parliamentarians because when we get sick, we go to high-end hospitals, we board planes to other countries in search of better health care. However, we are returned to the country in caskets," the MP remarked.

    "We're always in a lot of pain when one of us leaves us. We use a lot of money in a bid to make sure that they get better, but then it hurts when they come back dead," he added. 

    The MP recently highlighted that nothing much had been done since he made the plea.

    "To date, little has been done. I won't get tired of making the same clarion call to all of us to lead from the front and act! It is up to us to provide critical solutions to safeguard the health of the citizens," Mohammed divulged.