KTN Journalist Who Was Forced to Join Media After Failed Music Career

  • Before KTN News reporter, Willy Lusige, became the accomplished journalist that he is today, he was once a budding artist with hopes of making it big in Kenya's music industry.

    On Saturday, Lusige opened up about the circumstances that forced him to switch careers, during the Weekend Express show hosted by his counterpart, Grace Kuria.

    While reporting in Kakamega, on the plight of musicians in the country following Music Copyright Society of Kenya's (MCSK) controversial payment of royalties to musicians, Lusige disclosed that he was making peanuts from music.

    He stated that he began his musical journey in 2011, when he would record music, before he switched to managing fellow artists and finally trying his hands on becoming a DJ.


    "I was a well-known artist back in the day. I began my musical journey back in 2011 but in 2013, I felt that it was not paying; you're on newspapers and everywhere but there is nothing in your pocket.

    "So I opted to become a manager and formed a small organization that would find gigs and events for artists in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.

    "We would pay them then go and collect funds and after that, we would get our profits. But shockingly, that one did not also do well because, after two years, we opted out of that and I decided to become a DJ.

    "I was a DJ for about four to five years where I did well. I was well known. I had the highest number of views on YouTube by 2015.

    "But apart from that also, I was not getting a lot of benefits. I felt that this was not the best thing that I was doing. I left the music career and ventured into journalism which indeed I'm doing very well," he narrated.


    Lusige has also worked as a digital sub-editor at Nation Media Group as well as a teacher at Moi Girls High School.