CCTV Footage Exposes Man Getting Robbed Ksh 150K After Bank Withdrawal

  • has come across a video showing how an unsuspecting businessman lost Ksh 150,000 to sly robbers in broad daylight.

    According to the victim, Athanus Muema, the incident happened, on Thursday, at Zebra Ceramics located off Enterprise Road, next to General Motors, Nairobi Industrial Area, where he had gone to purchase a kitchen sink for his client.

    Muema told Nation that he suspected the thieves might have trailed him from his bank located at City Cabanas, where he withdrew Ksh 250,000 and headed straight to Zebra Ceramics.

    Athanus Muema, the businessman lost Ksh250, 000 to sly robbers in broad daylight.

    Upon reaching his destination, Muema claimed that he parked his car and left for the shop, to purchase the materials.

    However, before leaving, the victim stated that he divided the money and only took Ksh 100,000 with him, leaving behind the rest inside his car.

    "There were guys who had packed their car next to mine. So I think the guys must have been trailing me from the bank," he explained.

    According to the footage, a woman believed to have been part of the robbers, is seen following Muema inside the shop.

    She is then seen pacing around as she monitors his movements, all the while speaking on phone, probably communicating with her accomplices who can be seen breaking into Muema's car.

    According to the security guard who is was manning the gate, the robbers reportedly informed him that they were together with Muema.


    Here is the video courtesy of NTV

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