Farmer Lectures Police On Growing Bhang During Arrest [VIDEO]

  • A 50-year-old man in Nyandarua County stunned police officers and residents after their attempts to arrest him turned into a teacher-student session on the benefits of cultivating bhang.

    The Daily Nation reported on Thursday, September 12, that the police, acting on a tip-off from residents, raided the house where the man was accused of growing bhang in polythene bags.

    There they found rows of the plant which had been disguised as flowers. The man had removed the roof of the house to enable the plants to get fresh air and sunlight, but also aroused the curiosity of his neighbours.

    Passenga Location Senior Chief Daniel Muniu leads in uprooting bhang found planted in a man's compound in Nyandarua on September 11, 2019. The suspect looks on.

    While they were uprooting the plants, the farmer is reported to have schooled them on their profitability and divulged how he has been optimising their yield.

    “You do not need any chemicals for disease and pests control since the crop is tolerant when grown in such ideal conditions. My friend, whom I met in Nairobi, informed me that he wanted the crop for making pesticides,” he is quoted.

    He further told the officers of his friend in Kirinyaga County who trained and gave him the seeds adding that he was supposed to deliver the final product to him.

    “I was given the seeds in a matchbox with a promise that he was to buy the crop at between Ksh20,000 and Ksh50,000 depending on how the crop performed. I found it a good venture compared to the size of land it occupied, with no additional costs of production like in potato and maize growing,” said the farmer.

    When asked if uses the drug, the suspect instead dared them to prick his finger and sample his blood by taste for confirmation.

    Ol Kalou Police Station Commander and Passenga Location Senior Chief Daniel Muniu on Wednesday, September 11, led the police officers in uprooting the plants with a street value of Ksh200,000.

    Muniu attributed the success in apprehending the suspects to community policing.

    Here is a video of the encounter.