Itumbi Taunts DCI After Arrest of Witness in Ruto Murder Plot

  • Collage image of Dennis Itumbi and DCI George Kinoti. Itumbi asked DCI to come for him if it's him they wanted him. Twitter
  • Digital strategist Dennis Itumbi is a man who does not shy away from a fight or any controversy that is thrown his way.

    On Thursday, September 12, he dared the DCI to arrest him rather than harassing people around him.

    The firebrand blogger took to Twitter to blast the George Kinoti-led department after the arrest of Samuel Gateri a witness who had withdrawn from a case against him.

    Digital strategist Dennis Itumbi in court in the past
    Digital strategist Dennis Itumbi in court. He is a man who does not shy away from a fight or any controversy that is thrown his way.

    "DCI, if you want me, come for me, even summoning me by a tweet will do. Harassing young people - whose only mistake is that they subscribe to hustlers nation is wrong," Itumbi tweeted.

    Speaking to on phone, Itumbi alleged that Gateri was arrested after he withdrew as a witness in a case about a forged assassination letter.  

    He further claimed that if that the main reason for the arrest was the withdrawal of the witness, DCI should also have arrested Interior PS Karanja Kibicho, alleging that he was the first witness to withdraw from the case.

    "The first witness to withdrawal on this matter was Interior PS Karanja Kibicho. The charge sheet that I was shown while signing the charge and caution statement had his name as prosecution witness one," Itumbi told Kenyans.

    He further recalled the drama that followed Gateri's arrest, claiming that one of his visitors at the police cells was chased all the way to Maai Mahiu in Nakuru County, and had his phones confiscated.

    "Why chase a hustler all the way to Maai Mahiu - just because he went to visit his friend in a police cell? Why snatch his phones like you are robbers? Some of these things you are doing will not last forever. Leave this young hustler nation members alone!

    "As far as I know, cases are won in court by evidence, facts, and the law. They will not be won through intimidation and sideshows. At the end of the day, you will not escape from the only thing that must be done, prove your allegations, before the court, beyond a reasonable doubt," Itumbi sternly warned.

    Interior CS Karanja Kibicho
    Interior CS Karanja Kibicho. Itumbi called for his arrest after he withdrew as a prosecution witness.