Governors' Ambitious Demands on Constitutional Changes

  • The Council of Governors on Thursday, September 19, released their own bespoke demands that they stated needed to be incorporated in the constitutional amendment discussion.

    CoG revealed that they would only support the constitutional change if it considered and included its demands.

    In several statements on their Twitter handle, the COG stated that the demands were agreed on during a meeting at the council's offices in Westlands Nairobi.

    Governors discuss during the meeting at COG offices in Nairobi

    Under the Ugatuzi Initiative, the governors demanded that each county should have its own attorney with security of tenure.

    They noted that every county should be allowed to have its own county gazette.

    The governors agreed that the national cabinet should have not more than 18 other Ministers and 22 Deputies from among Members of Parliament.

    On that note, they demanded that each county should be represented in the government to have either a cabinet Minister,  Deputy Minister or a Principal Secretary.

    They added that counties should be allocated more resources that will ensure they were more autonomous financially.

    COG called for the establishment of the office of the Deputy Speaker of the County Assembly in the Constitution.

    The governors also stated that all the terms that were applicable to the Members of Parliament should also apply to the MCAs with necessary modifications.

    COG also demanded that the Summit, the  National Council for County Legislatures, the Council of County Governors be entrenched in the Constitution.

    The governors further demanded that the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission should be devolved into 47 Counties. Elections for MCAs, Governors, Senators, and members of National Assembly be conducted and concluded at the County level.

    Governors also indicated that they were in support of a national executive comprising of the President as Head of State, Deputy President, Prime Minister as Head of Government and two Deputy Prime Ministers. 

    Governors during the meeting