Car Plunges Into Indian Ocean With Two on Board [VIDEO]

  • A saloon car aboard a Likoni ferry on Sunday, September 29 slid and fell into the Indian Ocean in Mombasa.

    According to reports, the vehicle had two family members, including a mother and child.

    A video that captured the unfortunate events showed the car floating in the water before eventually sinking into the deep waters.

    The driver reportedly engaged the reverse gear while on the vessel before he fell off the ferry, that did not have any divers or rescue equipment on board. 

    A Toyota Probox foating in the Indian Ocean after it fell off a ferry in Likoni.

    This caused commotion and panic among other passengers who watched helplessly as the automobile slowly sank.


    Kenya Redcross Society Mombasa county coordinator Absaid, also stated that eye witness reports disclosed that there was a woman and a child in the car. The driver was carrying the child. 

    Marine police who surveyed the area were unable to spot anything since it was already nightfall.

    “I saw the woman and a boy inside the car. She had started screaming and calling for help when the car started to reverse. I threw a lifesaver at them," Mlei ajaliwa an eye witness stated.

    Reports by Capital FM News indicated that Likoni Sub-County Police Commander Benjamin Rotich, stated that emergency rescue services had already been activated.

    Daily Nation also reported that another eyewitness confirmed that there was an altercation between the woman and the Kenya Ferry Service (KFS) officials at the mainland side ramp earlier.

    “The officials had stopped the woman after she was seen accessing the ferry from the side which is used by people with KFS special passes,” disclosed the eyewitness.

    KFS later took to their official Facebook page and assured Kenyans that the cause of the accident was still under investigations.

    “Neither the car nor the occupants have been retrieved. We share our sincere sympathies to the affected as the salvage operations continue," posted KFS.

    In a span of 2 months, a lorry carrying flour fell into the ocean while a cargo ship almost collided with another ferry. 

    A ferry in the Indian Ocean carrying passengers.