Jeff Koinange's Worst Job Before Stardom

  • During a morning show on Hot 96 FM, Jeff Koinange, a show host at the station, recalled a tough period in his life when he worked as a sales assistant at McDonald's, an American fast-food company

    The renowned journalist admitted that it was the worst job he ever did, noting that he worked during the nights, selling chips and hamburgers to the customers.

    "It's late at night, 2-3 a.m. in the morning, where you wear headphones and people are driving through and they pick up stuff coming in to buy," he remembered.

    JKLive Show host Jeff Koinange

    The JKLive show host narrated that he would see the clients through surveillance cameras and take their orders.

    The eloquent news anchor had previously explained that he acquired his bold, engaging and immensely unique voice while working as a flight attendant.

    He was still in his 20s at the time and the first day on the job, he impressed with his announcement on the aircraft so much that his seniors advised him to take his voice seriously. 

    "I got a job with Pan Am Air (Pan American World Airways), I used to work as a flight attendant and when I was on the aircraft, most of you have heard (the announcer).

    "I was 20 years old, they (then) said, 'Listen, kid, go to school. One day you are going to get a lot of money with that voice.' That was it," he stated.

    He further narrated that he took up the opportunity and that was how the famous expensive voice driving the Jeff Koinange brand was born.

    Below is the video of Koinange's narration;