Rogue Administrator Under Fire for Assaulting Residents

  • An assistant chief in Soin village of Sachangwan area in Nakuru on Tuesday, October 8, stood accused of the stabbings of several residents, NTV reported.

    Reuben Ruto was confirmed to have violently injured about seven villagers without any action being taken to arrest him.

    Residents who spoke to the broadcaster claimed that they had been violently attacked by Ruto who had been wielding a knife.

    A report by The Standard in 2015 detailed reports of confrontations between chiefs and residents noting that despite the reported cases of violence against civilians, local administrators were rarely punished.

    Kenyan chiefs at a meeting. Photo: Daily Nation.

    "I accidentally knocked over his beer bottle at a pub and that is when he tried to punch me. I blocked his fist but he took out a knife and stabbed my hand," a resident by the name Richard Cheruiyot disclosed.

    The victim's mother Grace Chemutai revealed that it was not the first time that the sub-chief was caught in the wrong as his son had suffered in the past.

    "My son does not even go to Ruto's place. I don't know why he is keen on hurting him," Chemutai lamented.

    When Ruto was contacted by NTV, he denied the allegations and noted that he had never had a complaint labeled against him.

    "I have never been implicated in any of these incidences. Do they have witnesses? If they do, then let them take me to the police," Ruto affirmed.

    The assistant chief had served in the village for seven years with some victims of his assault declining to speak against him claiming they had been compensated.

    A visit to Sachangwan Police Station by NTV showed that seven assault complaints against the assistant chief had been recorded in the occurrence book.

    "Right now I am scared to walk around at night because anytime he meets anybody at night he stabs them," Maritim Koech, another resident of Soin, claimed.

    Chiefs and Sub-chiefs have been known to be in confrontation with local residents. Photo: The Standard.