Beatrice Elachi Claims Life in Danger, Goes After Majority Leader [VIDEO]

  • Nairobi County Speaker Beatrice Elachi, on Wednesday, October 9, cried out claiming that her life was in danger and even identified a lawmaker apparently responsible for her fears.

    Speaking amidst the chaos to unseat her hours after she came resumed office, Elachi claimed that there was a plan to kill her overseen by Nairobi majority leader Abdi Guyo.

    She went as far as stating that if anything ever happened to her, her family would be notified and go after him adding that the plan was all in the open.

    Broken furniture inside Elachi's office after chaos erupted at City Hall after she made a comeback.

    "We were just seated and the majority leader walked in with a group of many people then they just started breaking everything. Since they wanted to beat me, they threw teargas to confuse us.

    "In the morning he had said, 'If midday comes and we have not thrown Elachi out, it is going to be very wrong,'" stated Elachi.

    "I want to tell the majority leader that everyone knows, and I had said in the morning, if I die today, my family must take the majority leader as responsible," she continued.

    Nairobi County Majority Leader Abdi Guyo

    Drama ensued at City Hall on Wednesday, October 9, as MCAs stuck to their guns insisting that embattled Nairobi County Speaker Beatrice Elachi should vacate from office.

    The embattled speaker had earlier on made a forceful comeback to office, reclaiming her seat with a special message to Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko.

    Violence broke soon after Elachi took over accompanied by a group of youths.

    Elachi locked herself in the office, leaving the group of MCAs outside where they clashed with those supporting her return.