Two More Die in Indian Ocean After Likoni Ferry Tragedy

  • Officials of the Kenya Maritime Authority and fishermen during a past rescue operation. Two brothers lost their lives after their boat capsized Daily Nation
  • Two brothers of Tanzanian descent on Wednesday, October 9, lost their lives while on a fishing expedition in the Indian ocean.

    The brothers - Nasur Hamed Sayed & Said Hamed Sayed, lost their lives after their fishing boat capsized off the coastal town of Kilifi, NTV reported.

    According to reports, the two were in the company of two of their friends - Sayed Hamet and Harun Abeid, when the disaster struck.

    The chairman of the coastal line in Watamu, Osman Mwambire, confirmed the incident, going on to announce that the two friends narrowly escaped the fate of the two brothers after they were rescued by the areas' emergency rescue team.

    A passenger boat crosses the Indian Ocean
    A passenger boat crosses the Indian Ocean. Two brothers lost their lives in the ocean after their fishing boat capsised 11 days after a mother and daughter died in a freak ferry accident.

    He went on to state that the boat was tipped over by high tides that were experienced in the area at the time.

    "I urge all the fishermen to be extra vigilant, especially during this period when the ocean is known to be extremely dangerous and unpredictable," Mwambire advised.

    The latest incident comes just 10 days after the tragic Likoni Ferry accident, that led to the sad demise of Mariam Kigenda and her four-year-old daughter after their car slid off the ramp of MV Harambee just before it docked on the Island side.

    Government Spokesman Cyrus Oguna confirmed to Standard Digital that they were 90 percent sure of the location of the car.

    He went on to reveal that they had narrowed down the location of the wreckage to two locations at the depth of 58 metres.

    “We cannot confirm with certainty that the object we spotted was the car that plunged into the Indian Ocean,” Oguna stated, adding that they needed to check the number plate.

    Government Spokesman Cyrus Oguna addressing the media
    Government Spokesman Cyrus Oguna addressing the media. He failed to confirm whether the object spotted and photographed by divers on Wednesday, October 9, was the car that slid off a Likoni ferry.