Meet Uhuru's Lifelong Friend: From Class 3 to College Together

  • President Uhuru Kenyatta took Kenyans down memory lane narrating his stay at the famous St Mary's School.  

    Friday, October 11, marked 80 years since the establishment of the president's alma mater. 

    The service was graced by the presence of a number of prominent people including Baringo Senator Gideon Moi and billionaire Jimmy Wanjigi.

    In his laughter-filled address, Kenyatta turned the spotlight on one Tony Njoroge Munene, taking time to narrate their long-standing friendship. The president described Munene as a personal friend.

    President Uhuru Kenyatta with his Friend and longtime classmate Tony Munene (left) at a past event at St Mary's School Nairobi.

    Munene and President Kenyatta joined St Mary's at standard 3. They were both admitted to standard 3B and traversed together, in the same class, all the way to sit their CPE in standard 7. Their journey together did not end there, the two started form one in the same class and sat for their O level exams in form four together.

    The president went on to confess the journey he and Munene undertook throughout their stay at St Marys. He joked of the kind of punishment they were subjected to back in the day and how Munene was in a category of those that were caned the most and a close second with three canes fewer than Munene's.

    Kenyatta detailed how corporal punishment was meted on them at the school and mentioned with relief how learners no longer had to endure it. The students were, however, quick to refute the claim by the president, unanimously indicating that they were still being caned.

    St Mary's School was a boys-only school back when he and Tony were students. They would, therefore, be forced to act as girls in drama festivals. President Kenyatta also reminisced about playing rugby with Tony Munene as the team's hooker. 

    The two were classmates from primary school, O level all the way through A level till they went to study in the United States together. Their paths then led to different destinations with Uhuru becoming President.

    Tony Munene, who is the son of the Late Dr. J.F.C. Munene, became a successful businessman based in Thika. Little is known about him by Kenyans but the things the president had to say about his former classmate is sheer proof of a lifetime of friendship.