Popular Gospel Musician Comes Clean on Ksh500 Million Wealth Source

Controversial gospel artist Alex Apoko alias Ringtone has opened up about the real source of his apparently vast wealth.

The former street boy is often seen in top-of-the-range vehicles and enjoys an over-the-top lifestyle living on a six-acre land parcel in the leafy suburb of Karen.

In an interview with The Nairobian, on October 23, 2019, Ringtone responded to allegations that he accrued his assets by being part of a mafia that targeted old tycoons.

One such property is a Ksh500 million piece of land in the heart of Karen whose owner was Roger Robson.

At the time of his death, Robson did not have dependants and left most of his land to wildlife charities.

The musician refuted the claims, stating that Rodger was just a fan of his music who was generous enough to leave him the land when he passed on.

"I am not part of a cartel. I am a gospel artist and all I own are gifts given to me by my fans. Rodger was a fan of my music. I am not a land grabber," insisted ringtone.

The land, though, is claimed by two other people, Robson's lawyer Guy Spencer Elms and businesswoman Agnes Kagure Kariuki.

"I don't talk bout the land, Rodger was a fan of my music and I merely claimed the land to keep it safe for his estate and its beneficiaries. I moved into the property after his workers called me after his death and told me they were suffering. That's why I claimed the land," the gospel artist explained.

According to Spencer, the will that Robson had drafted in 1997 stated that his property, a block of apartments in Upper Hill and the 6-acres of land in Karen sold and the money shared between his nephew and number of charitable organisations.

Ringtone added that another source of his wealth was a lucrative real estate side hustle and his music career. 


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